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'A very big house in the country'

by Jo

Jo wanted us to produce a surprise invitation artwork, as a unique personalised gift for her parent's special anniversary.


A weekend away in a beautiful country cottage was in store for them and her extended family - so a fun costume Costume Drama style Movie Poster was envisaged.


With the actual rented cottage in the background, an added idyllic backdrop and by replacing the heads of figures sourced from a fancy dress hire website  - our magical scene was produced!

in the country room.jpg

Printed 120/90cm on chunky stretched / fine weave canvas

Jo's Response

Dear Josh - This was such a great idea - My parents love it. It's displayed in their sitting room and is remarked upon all the time by their guests. What a cool piece of art and perfect heirloom / unique gift for them.

Thank you so much for your creativity and hard work :) xxx -Jo

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