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'My Million Dollar Mermaid'

by 'Me' to my beautiful wife...

I wanted to create something special and handmade for my wife Cara's 30th birthday.


Based on Cara's love of 50's musical movies and MY need for something fun above our sofa, I decided to re-create the poster for 'Million Dollar Mermaid', with Esther Williams as my beautiful girly Cara. ​


To be honest, it was never intended to be a long term fixture, but three years on, it's still on the wall due to the fun energy and conversation it provokes... Plus, she looks faaaabulous!!

Printed 90/155cm on luxury mat photo paper, with slimline wooden frame and anti-glare glass.

Cara's Response

Dear Josh - This is very much going to be a long term fixture !! I'm never going to look that great !!  xxxx

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