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'Zoe Power'

by Zac and the kids

A beautiful bold funky portrait, of a beautiful bold funky woman.


Zack came to us with the most amazing set of portraits that his wife Zoe had taken for her blog. We chose the best, and designed a vintage Pop Art style print that hangs in Zoe and Zack's living room. ​

Printed 100/90cm on luxury parchment paper, with chunky wooden frame and anti-glare glass.

Zoe's Response

Dear Josh -This is unbelievable ! I have to remind myself its me in the artwork !?  It's just such a great stand-alone piece. A little strange I'm that big on my wall... But truth is... WE BLOODY LOVE IT ! Probs better in my studio foyer, which is being built very soon. Will be in touch for more creative collaborations asap xx Thank you

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