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by Gillian Toyance

Gillian came to us to create something special and unique for her husband Thomas' 60th birthday.


The Toyance's artwork incorporates the story of their ancestry - and their journey so far as 'Team Toyance'.


Their print is hung on the cement walls of their trendy hallway, and portrays the passions, achievements and unforgettable, funny, inspiring anecdotes that celebrate their family.


This was achieved with several collated photos and scans. Some extremely old photos that had been passed down from generation to generation were used, some from a modern iPhone - along with hundreds of relevant images/symbols we sourced online.


With our artistic magic, we produced a surrealist landscape art print, with 'the newest generation' on a half told story book, centre-stage - and a complete history of their family surrounding them. ​


This artwork has about a 500 elements that depict their story - some are too small to see / or have been blured out for privacy.

Printed 70/100cm on luxury parchment paper, with chunky wooden box frame

'The Toyance's

Gillian's Response

Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for going above and beyond, endeavouring in this personal project of ours.


Our beautiful artwork sits proudly in our hallway, and is a graphic explosion of the journey of our family - and essentially holds the spirt and energy of our tribe.


Thank you once again Josh and Ali - this will be passed on from generation to generation.


I truly couldn't recommend you enough - your service are great fun and inspiring !

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