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by Francis

Francis approached us for an energetic, fun and unique art piece for their TV room, for him and his partners 10th anniversary.

A vintage style rock n' roll star poser was envisaged and produced, celebrating the amazing one of a kind 'Stuart'.

Printed on a fine gallery stock and framed, we conjured another one of a kind gift, that is displayed and discussed "far too much"  says Francis!


Stuarts print is a bold piece of personalised art that suits their living room's aesthetic and salutes a beautiful legend that lives there!

Printed 90/60cm on luxury parchment paper, with chunky wooden frame and anti-glare glass.

'The shit show'

Stuart's Response

Dear Josh - this is great ! What a perfect gift !!!

We love our new piece of art - It's so much fun.

Thank you always

Stu xxxxx

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