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'The Flying Levers'

By me to my Dad

When I was a toddler my dad used to lie on his back and lift us up with his arms and legs shouting "THE FLYING LEVERS!!"


The long standing joke that we have our own family circus - and now a 'thing' for the next generation of little 'Levers' - a vintage style circus poster, printed on wooden boards was the perfect personalised gift for my Dad's special Birthday.


Using vintage hand-painted style text and our computerised graphic magic, my Dad's print is displayed in his house and is a fun dynamic visual that is commented on again and again.

Printed 100/90cm on luxury parchment paper, with chunky wooden frame and anti-glare glass.

Stephen's Response

Dear Joshy -

You know how much I love this piece - Great memories !! Thank you again xxx Love you  - Dad xx

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