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'Spank Productions'

by Ricky & Beth

Ricky and Beth wanted us to produce something big and bold for their PR company's reception area, as a special 10 year anniversary gift to themselves.


As epic visual artists, we had many visual references to utilise, as a salute to their last 10 years and a Street Art style landscape was envisaged and produced.


Spank's artwork printed on chunky side-lit acrylic, has become a big part of their athletic for their branding, and our print is a great fixture in their HQ entrance for all to see.

Screenshot 2021-03-17 at 23.18.23.png

Printed 100/90cm on luxury parchment paper, with chunky wooden frame and anti-glare glass.


Ricky & Beth's Response

Dear Josh - This is the coolest boldest aesthetic we could have asked for! It brings our reception / entrance area to life.

Thank you for giving this project so much time and effort. We will no doubt be using you skills in the future.


Thank you :)

Rick & Beth (SPANK) xx 

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