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'Simon Bradley'

by Jane & The Kids

Jane came to us to create something unique for her husband Simon's 60th birthday.


Obsessed with action figures and super heroes as a kid, and now leading a 'plain old professional life', Jane commissioned us to depict her husband as his own action figure.


Simon's print hangs in his home office in London and celebrates his brilliant unique self.


This was achieved with a single portrait picture of Simon and a series of our graphic magic.

Printed 40/30cm on luxury parchment paper, with chunky wooden frame and anti-glare glass.

Simon's Response

What a great gift from my wife ! Thank you so much for such a fun art piece full of colour and unique madness ! My artwork sits proudly in the home office and many friends and family remark about it ! 

Thank you for making it so special Memory Catcher.

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