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World War I Remastered

by Henry

Henry’s father had been a soldier in the First World War and had created an album on his return filled with all the photos he had taken, postcards he had written and letters he had received.

The album was starting to fall apart, and Henry was very keen to preserve the images and create albums for his kids and grandkids to preserve his father’s memories.

We carefully removed all the photos and postcards from the original album, scanned them along with any letters and created an album with a similar layout to the original that can be looked at time and time again.

It was a real privilege to be given the opportunity to preserve history in this way.

Mem C

12 copies, 10”x14” landscape book with thin pages and a blue linen cover

Henry's Response

Dear Ali, many thanks for the photo albums – they look absolutely splendid and are just what I wanted.

The family will be delighted with them, and I know I will most certainly recommend your services for similar work to everyone I know.

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