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When One Volume isn't Enough...

by Evelyn

Evelyn’s husband was turning 70 and she wanted to express how much she loved and cared for him along with over 100 of his close friends, family and colleagues.

We created 2 volumes of clean fresh modern books filled with more messages and heartfelt wishes than we have ever had.

Evelyn was happy to have everyone appear in alphabetical order so we could ensure everyone was included and felt important after all they had made a huge effort for Geoff.

We also created a video of messages and images for Geoff to watch during lockdown on his birthday.

Mem C

2 square 10" x 10" luxury brown leather bound books with gold font and thick photographic pages

Evelyn's Response

Ali & Josh I can’t begin to thank you enough for your artistry in making both the books and film possible, they were amazing. No more nagging anyone.

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