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Grandpa's World War II Memoirs

by Louise

Louise’s project was something totally different from any books we had done before.

She had come across her Grandfathers memoirs during World War 2 and having had them translated into English she was keen to have the book printed to share with her parents, siblings, children, nieces and nephews.

The book was to include his writings but also the memorabilia that had been saved during that time.

Mem C

25 copies, A4 portrait book with thin pages and a black leatherette cover

Louise's Response

The Memory Catcher have done two projects for me, and they were both excellent. The first was a memory book for my mothers 70th. The second an incredible book from my grandfather's World War memoirs.

They worked fast to a tight deadline and the results were brilliant. They handled the various memorabilia very carefully and produced a fantastic book that would be loved by all the generations.

Would definitely recommend them :)

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