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Gest-Exodus - Mum to Mom

by Amanda

Amanda got in touch with us from across the pond, we were able to show her all the types of books we could create and all the options available to her plus discuss in detail the type of book she wanted via Skype.

Amanda wanted to catalogue the families’ emigration to the USA.

Our initial conversation was to create a photo album, however after she told us about her blog it was decided that we would take it further and create a book including the blog, all communication before, during and after their move and photos

Mem C

4 copies, 10”x10” book with thick pages and a navy leather cover

Amanda's Response

Beyond ecstatic to receive the most magnificent books. These are even more amazing than I ever expected - THANK YOU SO MUCH MEMORY CATCHER!!! 

It was such a pleasure working with you - all your brilliant tips and suggestions to make these memories so much more cohesive - and being able to tell our story the way it was meant to be told. 

Forever grateful xx

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