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Beth Traveller

by Jason

We had worked with Beth quite a few times creating both books and artwork to celebrate her kids Bar & Bat Mitzvahs. She had also been included in several books for her close friends and had told her husband Jason that she wanted a book for her 50th birthday.

The challenge was to surprise her with a book that was different to anything she had seen before.

As a keen traveller she is known to her friends as the go to girl for anything holiday related so a book in the style of Condé Nast Traveller was perfect, and the result was fantastic.

Mem C

A 10" x 10" book with thick photographic pages, a padded photographic cover with a leather back and spine

Jason & Beth's Responses

Jason - Ali is just incredible. The nicest person to work with and the end result was just amazing.

Beth – I couldn’t have asked for a better 50th birthday present. My book is just the best.

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