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Aaria's First Year

by Sona

Sona came to us with quite the challenge. Since her baby’s birth Sona she had been corresponding with family members on a day-to-day basis via WhatsApp sending messages and photos between them and now wanted them recorded in a book but didn’t know how to make it flow.

We were able to give advice to Sona on how to download all her messages and set up files for everything to be saved in a chronological order.

To ensure the essence of the WhatsApp messages was kept we used visuals to represent the style of the conversations.

The task may have been mammoth, but the result was worth it. We have since created another book cataloguing Aaria’s second year.

Mem C

A luxury 10" x 10" leather bound book with thick photographic pages

Sona's Response

I embarked on a new project to celebrate and remember my daughters first year. Something she would cherish as she gets older.

Ali was fabulous to work with, patient and open to my ideas. The final product is amazing with some special Ali touches.

Thank you, Ali, for crystallising an amazing year for me xx

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