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Ali Burns

Catching peoples memories has always been my favourite thing...


Ever since my childhood, I have always cherished letters, photos and artefacts that reminded me of special moments in my life.


Around 20 years ago I started creating books and different forms of art for friends and family around specific events or anniversaries. It wasn’t long before friends were asking me to help with their projects and here I am now working with some of the UK’s top photographers, and private clients, capturing memories for many people.


It is a real privilege to be able to create treasures for people that can be passed down through the generations.

Josh Lever

Josh New1.jpg

I've always loved making handmade gifts for family and friends...


Anything from re-packaging chocolates wrappers with fun graphics and photos, to painting giant pop-art portraits for people.


A personalised and handmade gift always trumps 'store bought' - and people truly appreciate the time spent and love gone into creating them. ​ I now use my professional design and editing skills at The Memory Catcher, helping to produce stunning keepsakes for special people with unique stories.


I’m passionate about helping others to produce something relevant and fun - and always look forward to new projects, keeping memories alive and celebrating great people.

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Image by Annie Spratt

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